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Free webinar: Managing Crisis to Create Stronger Organization

Marts 26, 2020 @ 16:00 - 17:00

Managing crisis

How to Manage Crisis

When level of uncertainty rises, there is the tendency for companies to fall back to command&control type of leadership. It is considered fast and effective. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth!

In extreme complexity, when nobody knows what is going to happen, there is no playbook or knowledge how long the crisis lasts, totally different approaches succeed.

Based on his extensive original award-winning research and impressive consulting practice during different crises situations (both global and local), dr. Bushe is in forefront of both theory and practice on how to manage radical change and transformation.

Gervase’s approach is most effective and relevant in times of crisis. In good time, everything flies. But in extreme and sudden crisis – that is were his work shines above all.


Leader, this webinar is for you, when:

  • You have to make tough decision to survive (salary decrease, laying off staff etc), but at the same time you need all people to be fully engaged and committed to mutual survival.
  • You understand clearly that you have no idea what will be happening, but you still feel you should be in charge and know all the answers. And that is killing you.
  • You see that your people are anxious or worried, and it starts to impact their ability to act or think clearly (but you need their full brain at work!).
  • You do not believe in command&control, but are not 100% confident on how to practice the other type of leadership looks like in times of crisis.
  • You acknowledge that you are falling into the trap of treating everyone the same by trying to be fair.
  • You notice that your own anxiety starts to impact your decisions more than you’d want to.

In this 60-minute webinar you will learn:

  • To understand, what is the role of leader if there is no playbook anymore, no one can predict what will happen.
  • How to bring all your people into difficult conversation about the future of company, to engage everyone in a dialogue about survival.
  • How to systematically manage those conversations and consequent actions to build stronger and more adaptable organization during the crisis.
  • Specific step-by-step guidelines on how to lead in turbulent times.


Dr. Gervase Bushe, one of the most influential researchers and consultants of change management & organizational development, has devoted his life to equip managers with the mindset and corresponding skills to function better in times of rapid change. To help leaders build better organizations that are truly agile and deliver excellent results for all its stakeholder (workers, owners, managers, customers, suppliers, society in general etc).
His hallmark training program Clear Leadership has transformed thousands of organizations globally. His latest books about organizational development and managing in situations when nobody has the playbook, are used extensively both in academia and by leadership practitioners.

WEBINAR HOST – Elar Killumets

Elar Killumets is organizational coach, operating as a sensemaking advisor and provider of a broad, diverse array of competencies in the field of organizational development and change management.

Over the years, Elar has established himself as an innovative and unorthodox change helper who is a strong proponent of dialogic mindset and tools. Elar closely cooperates with many TOP researches and practitioniers in this area such as dr. Gervase Bushe.

He does things differently, but the results speak for themselves – the keywords being speed and ease of changes.


Check hosted event at: https://tinyurl.com/slmgmhw

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