Elar Killumets

Email: elar@killumets.ee

Phone: +37256985840

Specialization: helping owners and management to build organizations that are able to deliver results expected of them.

My areas of expertise are both broad strategical developmental projects (e.g. changing organizational culture, increasing organizational adaptability and agility, restoring the ability to innovate) and more tactical developmental challenges (e.g. reducing the negative effect of silos or aligning performance management systems with strategy). 

Over the years, I have established myself as innovative and unorthodox change helper, who gets things done much faster and with considerably lower level of stress than usually expected of change event of comparable magnitude. To do that, I not only operating as a sensemaking advisor (providing broad and diverse array of competencies), but also “go in” alongside with CEO (or any worker who needs support), until the results are achieved and sustained.

How I keep my skills in top shape: 

  • 2 times a year present my research (derived from consulting projects) in top academic or practitioner conferences
  • 50 hour a year lecture on my key topics (currently: dialogic organizational development) in Estonian universities (both bachelor and MBA level)
  • Actively participate in work of Academy of Management (USA) and Organizational Development Network (USA & UK)
  • Reviewing for top academic management journals (in 2018, 2 reviews for International Journal of Management Reviews; N8 journal in the world)

Work experience: After 9 year in top managerial positions, I have now been working 10 years as a consultant. I work with two large consulting projects in a year + trainings. In 2018, I helped 2 SMEs deliver additional ~1M euros of EBITA on top of market growth and increasing salaries.

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